JUST IN: Stupidity Is Contagious And The Children Of Trump Supporters Have Caught It

Children Of Trump Supporters

If you were hoping that racism would slowly die off with the older generations, well, then you’d sort of be right. Unfortunately, a new highly contagious strand of the virus has been discovered which has some seriously nasty side effects. Thought to have been prompted by genetic mutations caused by decades of incestuous relations, symptoms include unexpected ignorance, unbiased racism, spiritually inspired homophobia, sudden Islamaphobic outbursts, accidental sexism, advocating white supremacy, and overall stupidity. While there is no cure yet, the virus has been associated with most Trump supporters who are unwittingly spreading it to their kids. It’s recommended to avoid those thought to be infected at all costs! Here are some signs to look out for:

Wanting A Wall Built Without Good Reason

One of the most obvious signs that a person has contracted stupidity is a strong desire to build a wall on the Mexican border without the ability to provide a logical reason. Often the reason they provide is a reiteration of something Donald Trump has said. For example, they might imply or flat out say that all Mexicans are criminals and rapists. They might also claim that Mexicans are stealing American jobs, that our country is overcrowded, and that building a wall would make America great again.

Thinking Mexico Will Pay For That Wall

Aside from being a supporter of building a wall on the border, another symptom of this tragic illness is thinking Mexicans are going to pay for it. There’s no reason for Mexico to pay for a wall at the border. It’s just not going to happen. If the wall ever gets going, it’s going to be taxpayers who end up paying for it. Fortunately, this virus hasn’t spread entirely through Congress just yet, and by the time it does, Trump will hopefully no longer be living in the White House.

Accusing Muslims Of Raping Chickens

Muslims are more than welcome in America. Freedom of religion is literally the first amendment, but part of this virus only allows those who are infected to acknowledge the second amendment. Additional signs include accusing Muslims of praying to Satan, buying chickens to rape, and smelling like goats. The people in this video are infected and said to be highly contagious. It’s recommended to avoid them and others like them who spend all their time spewing undeserved hate at all costs.

Believing Everything They Hear

A dangerous side effect of this serious virus is that those who are infected are more susceptible to fake news. In fact, they tend to believe anything they hear and immediately support it without question. They don’t even take a second to Google whether or not the things they’re being told are true before dedicating themselves to it completely. As the virus progresses, their gullibility will extend further than basic information. Eventually, it starts to affect their political beliefs and morals, threatening the balance of humanity.

Study these signs carefully and prevent this virus from spreading further by avoiding anywhere the infected like to go like churches, gun shows, and Pottery Barn.


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