Celebrate You With These Gorgeous Body Positivity Tattoos

These past few years, tattoos have settled in as something more of a normal thing to see on everyone ranging from their early 25’s to their late 30’s. Coupled with the discussion on body positivity or fat positivity, body ink has become a badge of pride of being comfortable in one’s own skin.

Perhaps there is indeed some wisdom to be had in the study that women have show themselves to have higher self-esteem the more tattoos they wear. What better way to celebrate the skin you’re in than with a design that says fat is acceptable, and our bodies are the wondrous, incredible tools we are so lucky to have?

Check out these rad examples. You just might find yourself dreaming up one of your own.

Be glorious goddess of the sea — rainbow hair, starfish cups, cute belly rolls and all.

#iminlove #bbwswithtattoos #fatmermaid #effyourbeautystandards #tattooedbbw

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Or wear a tatted pinup girl — tattception!

#fatpinup #pinup

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Here’s a rather sweet treat to wear on your arm, your leg, or anywhere you want to, really:

Or wear the visage of the most glamorous muppet we know, just like Miss Holliday.

Get his n’ hers yummy tattoos…

… or even this one that’s great for any gender. Granted, this message might seem controversial, but this might serve as the forever middle finger to all the concern trolls unfortunate enough to cross your path. Yeah, you CAN be healthy and still enjoy that pizza. Just ask HAES.

Thank you Arne!! #pizza #livefatdieyum #fun #glorybound #blackngrey #antwerp

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This dreamboat is everything. EVERYTHING.

#fatgirltattoos #tattoos #tassili#tampatatttoos #girlswithtattoos #tattoooftheday #peanutbutter

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And this piece of art sums up everything we love about tattoos and beautiful fat bodies.


Feature image courtesy of Business Insider
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