Women with More Tattoos Have Higher Self-Esteem: Science

Having multiple tattoos can be one of the best coping mechanisms and self-affirmation tools a young woman can ever give her self.

Studies show that having more than just one piece of skin art can boost a woman’s confidence and self-esteem. Whether it’s finding love on the dance floor or in the library, or acing that presentation, or even getting over a bad breakup, Science is pointing to the findings that tatted-up ladies just feel better about themselves in a lot of ways.

There’s a slightly darker side to this study. The study also showed that multiple-tattooed women have had thoughts of leaving this mortal coil. To quote the study’s summary:

Women with multiple tattoos report higher self-esteem than anyone else in a recent study, and escalating acquisition of body art does not correlate with increased depression or suicide ideation. However, the same multi-tattooed women also report a much higher frequency of past suicide attempts.

6793562449_b606885b84The study also did point out, however, that these women who turned themselves into living canvases of beauty do not become more depressed or suicidal as their body ink grows.

Jeremy Koch, Texas Tech University sociology professor and Lead researcher, says:

“I think women are more aware of their bodies through, among other things, fat shaming, the cosmetics and plastic surgery industry, and hyper-sexualized imagery in media. What we may be seeing is women translating that awareness into empowerment.

We know women sometimes replace a surgically removed breast, for example, with elegant body art. We wonder if more tattoos might be a way of reclaiming a sense of self in the wake of an emotional loss — evidenced by a suicide attempt.”

People have indeed used tattoos as a form of creating beauty out of pain or ugliness. Whether it’s a scar from a breast lost to cancer or the loss of a loved one, tattoos have come to symbolize honoring the memory and seeing the good in the pain of the situation.

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