New Study Claims Baby Boomers Share Fake News The Most On FB

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We all know that baby boomers, people born from the ’40s to the ’60s, all did things better than any of us. Just listen to your grandparents, mostly all they ever talk about is how things were better back in Pepperidge Farm. However, perfect as baby boomers may be, apparently, they tend to spread fake news the most, according to one study.


If you ever were looking for ammunition against baby boomers, here it is. The said study was conducted in the US and involved the 2016 presidential election. Subjects were American Facebook users and while the results revealed that 90 percent of them did not share misinformation or fake news, the remaining 10 percent had something in common, their old age.


With that in mind, the study concluded that Americans aged 65 and beyond were more likely to share fake news or other forms of misinformation with their friends back in the 2016 elections. Of course, ideology and partisanship played an important role in this, after all, not just any pensioner shares fake news. This is all according to the study published in Science Advances Magazine.


To that end, the study also pointed out that it was the conservative baby boomers who were more likely to share said misinformation compared to liberal baby boomers. Additionally, the older the age group is, the more likely they are to spread misinformation, with baby boomers being the worst when it comes to dissemination of fake news.


Consequently, younger generations shared the least fake news, that means millennials, Gen Z people, and the generation after that perhaps. Still, despite the fact that baby boomers share fake news seven times as much as millennials do, the incidents of sharing fake news are quite rare and not frequent enough to cause damage.


But hey, now you can finally call out grandma or grandpa on their responsible social media usage, something they certainly did not do better than you… assuming you are young.

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