Woman Turns Brain Dead After Drinking Liter Of Soy Sauce Due To Fake News

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The internet is a huge intangible place where vast amounts of information exist. The problem with this is that there is plenty of fake information which can be dangerous when people believe them to be true. One woman even turned brain-dead due to soy sauce, all because of fake news regarding a “colon cleansing trick.”


An anonymous 39-year-old woman known only by her initials, CG, apparently found some “health trend” online. It involved drinking lots of soy sauce in order to cleanse her colon. It also seems that the said amount has to be as much as a liter of soy sauce. The case was explained by a YouTuber doctor named Dr. Bernard from the University of Illinois.


According to the doctor, within a few hours of drinking that much amount of soy sauce, CG felt her heart beating faster. It also seems that CG resisted all the urge to drink water for some reason, probably because the “health trend” she found online said so. CG’s husband later found her home collapsed and she was rushed immediately to the hospital.

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The doctors discovered that CG had acute hypernatremia which is caused by a high amount of sodium in the blood. Despite the attempts to bring CG’s sodium levels back to normal, the damage had been done already. She was able to gain consciousness but could not move, nor could she speak or swallow.

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Dr. Bernard explained that the said “health trend” was based on a half-truth only. It assumed that water in your body goes wherever sodium is present, hence the soy sauce intake. However, the huge amount of sodium in her stomach sucked in all the water from different parts of her body. The sodium also got into her brain via the bloodstream, leading to brain damage.

So, beware the soy sauce “health trend,” or any other health advice folks, and next time, consult your doctors first.

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