Female Celebrities With Seth Rogen’s Laugh

It is easy to say Seth Rogen has one of the goofiest and most recognizable laughs of all the modern celebrities. He sounds more like a cartoon character than an actual human (think anthropomorphized bear), and that laugh is a big part of what sets him apart from the crowd. Now witness the hilarious majesty […]

Watch This Logging Truck Make the Tightest Right Turn EVER Over a Tiny Bridge

Driving a massive vehicle like a truck or bus cannot be easy. Sometimes when you are driving and you see one turning a corner, you pull wide yourself to avoid any type of collision that could happen from wide-turns and blind spots associated with such massive vehicles. Rest assured, you ever see THIS truck driver […]

This Hospital Dresses Its Halloween Newborns as Pumpkins

Some people might think being born on Halloween is spooky, but in reality, it is just another day like any other. Unless you are at a very special hospital in Pennsylvania, at which point, the staff dress you up in homemade baby pumpkin costumes that are really quite adorable. In case you are wondering, the hospital’s […]

What the Hell Was That Thing Floating Over Russia?

At this point, I am sure you’ve seen it. A picture of what looks like a (white) black hole hovering in the sky over Siberia (of all places). There was a lot of hype and hoopla about it on Social Media, with scientists still not fully sure what they saw that day.   Reports of […]

Did Anyone Else Find the “Stranger Things” Easter Egg in Spotify?

I will be honest. I was on Spotify yesterday, jonesing about the new season of Stranger Things (which is NOW STREAMING) and I found something quite cool, by mistake, no less. First few times it happened I thought I was seeing things, but sure enough, you scrolled over the song you were listening to on […]

Watch This Man Kayak Into an Old, Abandoned Ghost Ship

Doing something like this would give most people nightmares, real talk. The idea of taking your kayak into and through an old, abandoned ship that is still floating, like some sort of time capsule, is pretty damn spooky (but alluring in many ways as well). The name of the wreck is The Evangelia and it […]

3D Crosswalk: Stuff of Genius (or) Troll level 9000

I see this 3D crosswalk in Iceland and I ask myself two things. One, will that be effective? The answer to that is yes. Yes it will. People will CERTAINLY slow down if they think there are hovering tetris blocks in the road. My next question is, are these things counterproductive? Rumor is some people […]