Orange Man Angry: The Feds Just Raided President Trump’s Lawyer’s Office

We all knew it was going to happen. Heck, just last week I wrote an article on here about how most of Trump’s legal representation (and staff in general) were quitting or bailing (because they all knew this was about to go down). In the wake of allegations that Donald Trump was having sex with porn stars and then having his lawyer make them sign a privacy agreement, feds raided the offices of Michael Cohen, the president’s lawyer, in an attempt to verify said accusations and finally get the ball moving on this sh*t show.


The very big news of the day: FBI agents raided the law office of Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s lawyer who was involved in payment of $130,000 to adult performer “Stormy Daniels” for a nondisclosure agreement. Some reports suggest they also raided his home.

And really, that is all we know so far outside of the fact that the president is VERY UPSET about this because how dare they actually prove him to be a lying scumbag with a broken moral compass?!

What has turned up has not yet been revealed, but you know we will be the first ones to tell you as soon as we know more.

Trump And The Details on His Porn Star Private Affairs



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