Articles written by Remy Carreiro

This Footage of An African Hailstorm Will Make You Want To Wear A Helmet Outside

When you hear the word ‘hailstorm’, the last place you assume (never ASSUME) there would be one would be Africa, but yet, here we have footage of a hailstorm that happened in Johannesburg, South Africa this week, and generally, it looks like white bullets falling from the air. For those who don’t know (which is […]

Puck That: Most Amazing Display of Instant Karma You Will Ever See

Having never seen this before, I apologize if you have, but seeing this kind of thing makes you believe in karma and fate (as well as painful irony) so I had to share it with the masses. Steve Sullivan is the name of the professional Hockey player you will see featured here, and he shares […]

NASA Releases Visual Simulation of 2017’s Hurricane Season

To say 2017’s hurricane season was rough would be an understatement. Brutal seems more accurate, with many states and whole countries being left devastated in mother nature’s wake this year. NASA has just released a visual simulation of this year’s hurricane season, and using basic science like wind tracking they determine the paths these storms […]

Seeing This Sheet of Glass Get Made Into An Instant Mirror Is Stunning

The main chemical used is called Silver Nitrate, and here we see it poured over a piece of plain, old, regular glass, pretty much instantaneously making it into a mirror. There is something wholly surreal about watching a huge piece of glass get turned into a massive mirror using only a simple chemical wash with […]

Forget Crawling, I Got a Roomba: This Baby Gets It

There is truly something to be said about efficacy. While some may think the traditional approach is the best way to approach everything, some people are just born wired differently and can adapt and adopt themselves into any situations with great ease. The following video of an baby riding a Roomba vacuum rather than crawling […]

Why Incompetent People Don’t Think They’re Incompetent

Believe it or not, people who think they are great at things they may not be great at isn’t just because they are imperfect and incapable of admitting themselves incompetent. It is because it is incredibly hard for us to judge our own skills without bias, as the only eyes we see through are our […]

What the What: Utterly Mesmerizing Dance Routine With Spinning Stage

Generally, when you see a dance routine turn into a viral video it is something funny like the famous “Evolution of Hip Hop Dancing” video, as seen below: But the dance video you are about to see from the Avant Garde dance choreographer Yoann Bourgeois (totes her real name) for her show Celui Qui Tombe […]