The NRA just Made An Illegal Arms Dealer Their President: Is This Real Life?

Well, bad news supporters of the NRA. You all had to know something was coming with gun violence reaching a boiling point and all eyes pointing towards the NRA wondering how they intended to handle all the backlash. So how did they handle it? Seems they just came out and and did something so incredibly stupid it will echo on the strings of eternity forever.

The NRA just ‘hired’ one of the  biggest illegal gun runners in the whole world as THEIR PRESIDENT! Yes, a man who was literally put on trial at the supreme court. for privately selling arms to countries who would go on to use them on us.  A rather infamous political figure who worked under President Reagan named Oliver North.

The NRA just hired a homegrown, grass-fed terrorist as their president, and I, for one, am not the least bit surprised.

Yes, THIS Oliver North. The dude who sold weapons to Iran and basically got away with it.

Yes, the same man who had to testify in the Iran Contra affair also knows as the time our own government secretly sold weapons to Iran they are now using to kill our soldiers. Honestly, it is SUCH a stupid misstep when the world is watching the NRA more closely than ever, . Rumor is they wanted to give the job to Osama Bin Laden but he was too busy being dead. Only a fool would not be able to see that the NRA pretty much just shot themselves in the foot with that choice

The irony of that is not lost on me, and I hope is not lost on them, either.


A Dead President Talks Sh*t about Trump



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