55 Floors Up, Construction Workers Remind Us They Have Giant B*lls

There are some jobs some people are just meant to do. Me, for example, am meant to sit in a robe and write articles from my home whilst delicately sipping Merlot from a giant box. But as you are about to see, the construction workers in this video working so casually FIFTY-FIVE stores off the ground with no safety harnesses remind us why THEY are clearly meant to do their job, as they are so good at it you would think they were folding clothes or making lunch.

But no, they are on the 55th floor of a building (they are building), one floor at a time, and as you can see, they literally don’t seem remotely phased by the fact they could plummet to their death at anytime:

That’s may look like some dumb*ss stuff right there, but that is skill, confidence, and whiskey in your morning coffee, real talk.


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