Why Incompetent People Don’t Think They’re Incompetent

Believe it or not, people who think they are great at things they may not be great at isn’t just because they are imperfect and incapable of admitting themselves incompetent. It is because it is incredibly hard for us to judge our own skills without bias, as the only eyes we see through are our […]

What the What: Utterly Mesmerizing Dance Routine With Spinning Stage

Generally, when you see a dance routine turn into a viral video it is something funny like the famous “Evolution of Hip Hop Dancing” video, as seen below: But the dance video you are about to see from the Avant Garde dance choreographer Yoann Bourgeois (totes her real name) for her show Celui Qui Tombe […]

Louis C.K Movie Premiere Canceled Due to NY Times Piece About Sexual Misconduct

There is no secret that things right now in Hollywood are coming to a boil. For a long time, it seems MANY people in power have been getting away with some awful behind-the-scenes behavior. But there is an article about Louis C.K. and similar circumstances that just showed up the NY Times, and it is […]

This Woman’s Reaction To Her Own Arrest For Public Smoking Is Hilarious

The rules seem pretty simple. No smoking in some public places. It may suck for smokers, but luckily, there are still plenty of places that they can smoke, so it is not like they are being denied the act completely. Regardless of that simple rule, there are still people who break it and seem to […]

Jay Pharoah Does Some of the Most Original Celebrity Impressions of all Time

I’ll be honest with you. When Saturday Night Live let Jay Pharoah go last year, it made no sense and was not a smart move. The dude is incredibly talented in many ways and he was CLEARLY under-utilized, as you are about to realize when you watch this insane batch of celebrity impressions he does. […]

Watch A Cocky Car Salesman Almost Get Beheaded By A Van Door

“Why yes, of course the van doors are child-resistant. They won’t shut if something is in the way, I assure you. Here, to prove it I will show youARGHHHHHHH SOMEONE HELP ME, THIS VAN IS EATING MY WHOLE HEAD.” That is how I imagine the conversation went right before this gif kicks in and shows […]

What This Wasp Does To This Bee is The Stuff of Pure Nightmare Fuel

No one likes wasps. They are like bees who literally hate us and WANT to hurt us. As if our collective fear of wasps was not at an all-time high (that is a 99% joke that 99% of you won’t get, which makes it an 198% joke), this video shows you, up close and personal, […]