Cat Friday: Bask in the Majesty of Rainbow Cat

rainbow cat

YAY RAINBOW CAT! Sorry, I get excited and get ahead of myself. Who wants bad news to start their weekend? No one. We all get bad news all week and we all work our butts off, so for a great many people, Friday marks the beginning of the only three days they get to KIND OF forget about those things. Thus, last week, the tradition of Cat Friday began. And judging by the millions and millions of fans letters we got about it (A.K.A two internet “likes”) we realized, this is clearly ALREADY a cultural phenomenon that is spreading like wildfire and you can thank us.


We just made cats cool on the internet.

I was just woefully informed by my Editor-in-Chief that cats are apprently ALL OVER this internet thing, and have been for many, MANY years now. Then I was told to “maybe take a step back and humble myself a bit.” With that in mind, as well as my impending two days suspension, I figured I would take this moment to share Rainbow Cat with you all, as shared by Redditor Mandiforjakso :


I may have altered the actual photo SLIGHTLY but you would have to be a genuine photo specialist to notice to details, they are THAT subtle. And if Rainbow Cat doesn’t start your weekend right, you must have just gotten suspended from work like me.

Oh wait, I didn’t get suspended. It’s the weekend!

*Gets suspended for this coming Monday for not knowing it is Friday

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