Cat Friday: The Start of a Much Needed New Tradition

I have decided unofficially and without my editor’s consent (love you guys, don’t fire me please) that every Friday from now on, I am going to post at least one cat picture or one cat video. The simple reason being, when covering news it can be easy to be overwhelmed by all the devastation and bad news that seems to happen every week, and the same can very much be said for readers and viewers of said bad news.

And you know what fixes everything?


Keep in mind, not all animals are created equal, so cats were very much chosen for a reason. They are the mac and cheese of pets. Everyone loves them. So begins the tradition of Cat Friday here at Social News Daily, and honestly, what better way to end your week and start your weekend than with an adorable cat that was taken for a hike and clearly both took to nature and was slightly terrified of it.

Pic taken by cat’s owner (or cat’s pet depending on which species you ask), Reddit user Supaki:

She looks kinda how I look whenever I leave my house. Equal parts scared and intrigued by this beautiful, somewhat overwhelming world.

Happy Cat Friday, everyone! 

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Remy Carreiro


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