How the Baby Boomer Generation Ruined the World

Listen, I understand your (most likely from baby boomer generation) parents did “the best they could” as you put it to validate them to yourselves, but the reality is, all the worst things that came to light in this world came to light under their watch and therefore the consent of the baby boomer generation.

Monsato, not a peep. Racism running rampant (which is leftover from THAT generation, which is the last to still carry that hatred), and on top of that, they mainlined aids, helped fuel the pill addiction this country is now being ruined by so they could get drugs from their doctors every time they sneezed or felt stress. They turned mass media into a machine full of blood-soaked cogs that never stops turning and eating important aspects of society alive, and they helped vote in all the presidents that were the worst for this country as a whole (from Reagan to Bush’ to Trump):

Though you may have had or do have ‘good parents’, it’s time for the millennials and all the generations UNDER baby boomers to address and admit that the baby boomer generation f*cked up, everything, BADLY (kill the Earth much?). And for the rest of us, we are now left with their collective mess to clean up inch by inch, day by day, as they all shuffle all this mortal coil, slowly but inevitably.

Via Business Insider, who say it much more quickly and astutely than me (at first, and then kind of ramble):

The baby boomers who have controlled this country since the 1980s are a selfish, entitled generation. It is not your imagination, and it didn’t come out of nowhere.

And honestly, who can argue that point?

We have a world tapped nearly dry of the very resources we require to survive as a people, there have been TWO financial crashes in their lifetime, both fueled by them. They allowed heroin and these other drugs like crack and cocaine to infiltrate the masses without uttering so much as a peep to stop it. And the sad part is, I could go on and on. AND ON!

That is simply the tip of the iceberg in all the ways the baby boomers generation royally ruined all our lives and most of planet earth itself. Even how quickly they took to divorce ruined the ideals of a nuclear family completely. In desperately attempting to make perfect families, they did the opposite.


In seeing this recognizing it now, admitting it as collective truth, and addressing it as the new generations, we CAN FIX THIS! And hey, if you parents are still alive and somehow still sane, feel free to call them out. Let them know you lobe them and all that crap, but then thank them for ruining the very world they birthed you into.

But reassure them, we are all fixing the ugly and massive mess their wasted generation so kindly made and left behind for us.

Hey Baby Boomers! Maybe you should have hugged us more, done less coke, and tried to stop the destruction of life itself, MAYBE we wouldn’t let you go extinct. But at this point, the best and brightest of us are just waiting for all your tickers to stop so we can fix the world you all so selfishly broke.

Thanks for the 6 o’ clock family dinners, though, those were always nice.

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