An Examination of the Psychological “Quirk” That Makes Bad Artists Think They’re Good

This can’t just be happening to me, right? Suddenly everyone on your social media feeds who NEVER ONCE spoke of their undying love for photography and such has suddenly become an artist (or any woman or man who is decent looking and owns a camera is now a model). The problem is, and someone has to say this, a lot of these people are (brace yourselves if you are one of them) BAD ARTISTS.

Their work is not impressive from technical or even a visual standpoint.

For example, me:

Everyone Else: Hey, that’s not art! First of all, quit smoking. Next up, you clearly just shot up a monitor. Then you just took a picture of said monitor, and you put the picture of the old, shot up monitor as your wallpaper on your new monitor. Finally, for some odd reason, you took a picture of THAT.  AND EVEN THEN, it’s blurry and not at all symmetrically pleasing to the eyes in any way, shape or form.


Point being, some people seem to have a mental disease now where, even though they are clearly bad artists (comments like, “oooh,  nice” are essentially the adult version of patting a child on the head to make them feel better), it is like they cannot see the bad art they create. Like they are looking at different “art” altogether (and boy, do I use the term ART very loosely here. Like Courtney Love loose), as if they see an amazing piece of art that is just, frankly, not there.

As Jerry Seinfeld would say:

What is up with that?! I mean, what is THAT about?!!

*Funky, slap bass line plays, audience laughs

Well good news for all you sufferers of bad artists and bad art on a daily basis: at least there is actually a psychological “quirk” that causes bad artists to think they are good, and you may have more to do with it than you know:

I do have one quick question to follow up the above video:

Is that the same quirk that makes a terrible President think he is doing a good job? Hold on real quick, some conservatives want to drag me behind a truck to “teach me one of them there lessons!” I’ll be right back, minus my actual back.

Key side note here, the name of the YouTuber above is Jamie Windsor and I suggest following him on there. He has some great insight (obviously).

The Psychological Quirk That Makes Bad Kayakers Think They Are Good

Remy Carreiro


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