Cat Friday: Cute Kitten Look, Scary Kitten Claws

So this fellow from Reddit found an adorable visitor under his porch today and upon seeing the picture myself I knew it was the perfect contender for Cat Friday. Cat Friday of course being the way we now end the week to wash the taste of all the week’s bad news out of your mouth.

What is especially fun (to this writer) about this pic is that most people see an adorable kitten looking up with doe-sized eyes at its personal savior. I see something different, though. I see a kitten that clearly knows it is being held by a stranger and has its ODDLY MASSIVE claws extended, mere moments before attaching to this guy’s face and tearing his flesh apart like the armrest of a sofa it has made into a makeshift scratching post.

Just kidding (maybe).

The claws probably just need a good trimming and this lost little kitten, as the Redditor so delicately put it, just found its “forever home” so they will be clipped ASAP.

Have a good weekend, people!



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