The Best SNL Political Parodies

SNL Political Parodies

The writers of Saturday Night Live have always known how to take a political scandal and turn it into a hilarious skit, utilizing our country’s leaders most embarrassing moments to entertain us. From steamy affairs to disgraceful executive moves, SNL’s political parodies over the years has been savage, to say the least. While no president is safe from becoming a parody on late night television, for some reason Trump seems to be getting it the worst. Perhaps it’s due to his lack of political experience or his inability to think before he speaks that causes him to bear the brunt of their jokes so often. In their defense, however, Trump certainly provides an ample amount of material for them to work with. These are some of the best SNL parodies, both pre and post-Trump.

Bill, Saddam, and Monica’s Three-Way Call

We all know the story of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. While it may not have had a happily ever after, it certainly had a few happy endings. In this hilarious clip, Clinton (Darrell Hammond) calls Saddam (Will Ferrell) to see if he can convince him to create a distraction so the media would stop talking about him and Monica. The distraction is highly eccentric, as Clinton asks him to go back on the United Nations Treaty and ultimately start a war. Then Clinton gets another call, and it’s his young lover Monica on the other line. Played by Molly Shannon, Lewinsky isn’t calling to say hi to Clinton. She wants to chat with Saddam as well, as the two are apparently besties. Needless to say, it’s hilarious.

Sean Spicer’s Press Conference

Melissa McCarthy’s impersonation of former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is, as Barney Stinson would say, Legen–wait for it–dary! She rags on his deceptive tactics when talking to the press, turning all of the questions back around on them and it’s just hysterical. If you’ve never seen this clip before, after you get over the shock of seeing McCarthy dressed as not just a man but an old man, you have to watch it again. It’s just that good!

Trump On People’s Court

Trump, played by Alec Baldwin, goes on People’s Court to argue his reasoning behind the Muslim ban and bring Vladimir Putin in as a character witness. The judge hilariously explains that they’re in a TV court to which Trump replies that it’s okay because he’s a TV president. As you can imagine, Trump lost his case regardless of his attempt to settle out of court. The judge then lets him have it, telling him everything we’ve all had on our minds about the true president this past year and a half. Just play it, it’s a good one.

The Bush Twin’s Get Wasted

When Jenna and Barbara Bush, played by Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, get wasted and start debating whether or not their father is a good president, they bring back their secret language from when they were kids. Even though their secret language hardly conceals what they’re saying, their President Bush can’t seem to understand it. Or can he? It has to be funny, as it’s impossible for Poehler and Fey to do anything together without being hilarious.

Hillary Clinton Has A Drink

Hillary Clinton, played by Kate McKinnon, befriends a bartender played by the real Hillary Clinton and the two couldn’t be more entertaining. Not only do they touch on Clinton’s stance during the presidential election, but Bill makes an appearance and the skit ends with them grabbing a mic for a duet. The real Clinton is so hysterical and surprisingly good in this scene, it’ll have you wondering how it’s possible that she didn’t get elected into office. (Oh, wait. She lost because she has a vagina. I almost forgot.)

Trump Can’t President

Alec Baldwin once again performs his Trump impression flawlessly. In this SNL video, Trump can’t figure out what his big defense plan is for the country and decides the best way to figure it out is to ask Google and Siri. The president receives numerous visitors, one who informs him that the wall he wants to build would need to be over 2,000 miles long and cost around $25 billion. All that was new information for him, making it abundantly clear that he has no idea how to be president. Hence, Trump can’t president.

The Rock Obama

The Rock Obama appears when Barack gets angry, causing him to hulk out. While discussing the healthcare reform in this skit with several senators, Obama, played by Dwayne Johnson is informed that the Republican party isn’t actually against his ideas. They don’t want healthcare to fail, they want Obama to fail. This sends him to a Rock Obama rage, which is ultimately an Obama-like caveman who likes to throw people out windows and rip off their limbs.

Obama Goes Viral

In an attempt to make Obamacare go viral, Obama’s social media specialist (who claims to be responsible for planking) takes viral-worthy photos of the president. Played by Jay Pharoah, Obama makes out with Justin Beiber, does the nae nae with the Pope, and takes a photo with an overly ditsy Kim Kardashian. All for the sake of informing the people about the healthcare signup deadline! This clip is quite amusing, to say the least.

Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton Address Sexism

The two may disagree IRL, but Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton make a fantastic team during their address to the nation on sexism. Well, SNL’s version of what their address would be like. Tina Fey reclaims her infamous impersonation of Alaska’s most ridiculous resident alongside Amy Poehler. The two talk sexism, their disagreements, and how it seems that anyone can become president these days. Even Palin herself.

The FBI Listens In On Trump’s Phone Calls

Saving the best for last, Ben Stiller plays Michael Cohen in this recent skit as he calls everyone in Trump’s phonebook in a failed attempt to get everyone on the same page about the Stormy Daniels lie. Of course, the FBI is listening in as they basically reveal all of their stupidity that could potentially get Trump impeached. Trump ends up on the phone with Stormy herself, and the adult film actress has a message for our president.


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