19 Years Later: Columbine Students Walk Out Today in Anti-Gun Demonstration

Today, as many of you aware, is the 19th anniversary of the Columbine tragedy which unfolded in Colorado in 1999. While I do not want to go into the details (as anyone who saw it knows, it is all but unforgettable. A truly ugly turn for our country and school violence as a whole). It has been rumored that today there was going to be a mass walk-out of students all over the country in protest of gun violence and the country’s LACK OF a genuine response to it all. And that very much seems to be the case, as it is happening all over right NOW.

Though obviously, many of the eyes paying attention to the story noted, the kids of Columbine, 19 years later, also took to the streets of their own town to display their disapproval of how school gun violence is being handled (natch, talked about but NEVER any action taken by anyone to change anything).

And honestly, who has more of a right to walk the streets in an anti-gun demonstration than the kids who attend Columbine? The school whose very name gives most of America chills when they hear it because we ALL remember seeing that footage shoved down our throats by mass media of kids crawling out of broken windows to get away from those shooters. A very sad moment for our country and one that marked out genuine decline.

And the kids from Columbine were by no means the only school system to observe and do this today, as you are about to see:

Honestly, good for them. It’s nice to see the up and coming generations actually doing something and not being passive like baby boomers and gen X-ers were about these travesties. Maybe there is genuinely hope for these future generations after all.

Side note that kind of undermines (yet validates) the story. When I was younger, we did a high school walk out just to see if ALL THE KIDS did it at the same time if they would suspend us all. They didn’t. We just all hung outside for an hour showing the staff who had the real power than we all walked back into school, honest to God.

Sometimes it can be nice to remind the sleepwalking adults who REALLY has the power, which is what all these kids did today, and again, good for them!

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