Actor T.J. Miller Arrested For Calling in False Bomb Threat

This is a weird one so buckle in. Actor and comedian T.J. Miller, who is best known for his role on the HBO hit Silicon Valley was just arrested for calling in a fake bomb threat while on an Amtrak train while drunk. The actor called 9-1-1 and told the operator that a woman on the train he was on had a bomb in her bag and he was very scared for everyone’s safety.

This was, of course, taken VERY seriously in these days of grass-fed, homegrown terrorism, so said train was emptied and searched. Nothing was found. Come to find out the train he called 9-1-1 on wasn’t even the same train T.J. Miller was IN. So they checked the train he was riding in, and it was also without bomb (thankfully). Come to find out, Amtrak employees said he had a “fight with a lady in first class” while openly drunk the night he called. Keep in mind, this is following a string of epic failures, public embarrassments, and sexual harassment charges also falling on said actor right now.

Rock bottom, anyone?

So to sum up, dude called 9-1-1 to bust  a lady, didn’t even get the train right, and has now been arrested for calling in a fake bomb threat (kind of a huge deal these days) and facing genuine jail time. Up to five years, potentially:

T.J. Miller is hopefully aware right now that he has made a terrible, terrible mistake, and thinking he may be above the law because of his failing career only perpetuates the belief that in his own twisted mind, he thought was he did was okay. That is scary, real talk.

When your country’s D-list celebrities are calling 9-1-1 about fake bomb threats because they are drunk and think they CAN, it is simply a microcosm of a much larger picture of a fractured society, governed by fools and entertained by mindless jesters who no longer know the meaning of the word or how unimportant their roles are to actual society.


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