Truck Doesn’t Lower Before Underpass, Michael Bay Happens IRL

Listen, sometimes destruction yields joy. Why? Because we as humans are inherently terrible and we are hardwired to laugh when bad things happen to anyone but us. Really. I don’t mince words. If you want words minced, chopped up, crappy journalism read Buzzfeed (shots fired, son). Damn, I think I just nailed the entire formula for the internet in one sentence. It exists so we can rejoice in other’s misfortune and forget about our own. Damn, I just blew my own mind (and swallowed!)


You will feel an odd sense of satisfaction seeing this truck smash into an overpass for all those times you drove by trucks on the highway going into underpasses and saw them seemingly miss it my mere inches, wondering what it would look like if it hit.

It looks like this:

But don’t forget, seeing this stuff all the time desensitizes you to it, which does long term damage and numbs you. In other words, it may be enthralling to watch (over and over, which I, myself, am guilty of) but this simple moment caught on tape that we are using to distract ourselves from ourselves probably ruined this driver’s life.

Just being honest, and you can’t get mad when a journalist does that, seeing as to how none of them do that anymore.


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Remy Carreiro


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