Australian Woman Interrupted While Peeing When Something Bit Her Bottom

Photo by Jersey Evening Post

Australia is a land of extremes. It’s a beautiful place, lots of sunshine, wide open areas, and beaches too. However, the very thing that makes it beautiful is also the one that makes it dangerous: nature. One Australian woman even had the misfortune of being interrupted while peeing by one of the most terrifying members of the animal kingdom.


It all happened on Tuesday, last week, Jan. 22, in Chapel Hill, Queensland, Australia. An unnamed Australian woman was all safe and happy in the comfort of her home when she felt the call of nature. So she entered the bathroom and was in a rush to take a leak and forgot to turn on the light. However, during “mid-stream,” she felt something bite her butt cheek, but quickly brushed it off as a playful frog.


Still, the Australian woman checked it out because the bite was apparently quite painful to be a frog’s. To her surprise, it was a Carpet Python, a.k.a. big damn snake and it was passing through her house’s pipes. Thankfully, those are not poisonous but their bite can still draw blood. Hence, the Australian woman called the services of Snake Catchers Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan & Gold Coast in order to handle the situation.


The snake catchers fished out the python and also tended to the Australian woman’s posterior puncture marks. Turns out, the python’s preferred exit was the opening of the toilet bowl and was startled when the woman blocked it off with her bottom, so it bit her butt.

Luckily for everyone, the woman did not panic and flush the python away since it might have ended up in another person’s toilet bowl, that’s the last thing they need. As it is, “snakes in a toilet” already happens quite regularly in Queensland, Australia. In the snake’s defense, well, you wouldn’t like it when someone peed on you, right? Unless that’s what you’re into… no shame in that.

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