Help This 7-Year-Old Cancer Patient Meet The Rock


You know what sucks? Cancer.

You know what sucks more than cancer? Being a seven-year-old cancer patient.

Cancer has taken its jaw-dropping share of luminaries barely two months into 2016, but this one stout-hearted kid in’t giving up without a fight.

Meet Gabriel Singleton, better known by his friends as “Tater”. Tater has been fighting neuroblastoma, a cancer tht affects the adrenal glands and the area above the kidneys. He’s bravely faced countless injections, procedures, chemotherapy, transfusions, and tests, more than most kids his age ever have to deal with. Tater draws inspiration and strength from his one and only idol — Dwayne Johnson, better known as “The Rock”.

All these treatments had left Tater with a bald head, one that he’d been terribly embarrassed about at first. However, his mom knew exactly what to tell him to see his shiny pate in a brand new light.

“He was kind of embarrassed about his bald head,” Tater’s mother, Lulu Singleton said in an interview. “So I would pull up The Rock’s Instagram account and I’d say, ‘Look! The Rock is bald and he’s so strong and he’s awesome. You’re just like him!”

Tater became so fascinated with The Rock that he took to Facebook and posted his picture with a message. His goal? His post reach viral status and reach all the way to his hero so that he might have a chance to meet him face-to-face.

The letter reads:

Do you smell what Tater is cooking?

I’ve been in cancer treatment for over four years. Losing my hair made me sad but seeing you rock your bald head made it easier.

I think you are strong, but I am very strong too. I’ve been stuck by hundreds of needles, have had tons of shots, gone though eight surgeries, too many blood and platelet transfusions, lots and lots of chemo treatments, radiation therapy, tests, scans and two stem cell transplants!

You inspire me with your positive attitude, please share this picture so The Rock will come visit me!

The above post has already reached 4,200 shares. Dwyane Johnson still has to comment, but here’s where you can help. All you need to do is to log into Facebook, click this link, and hit “share”. Easy-peasy! You’ve just helped Tater get a step closer to meeting the Rock.

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