Whisper Users Reveal Their Skype Sex Secrets

There’s phone sex, there’s sexting, and there’s Skype sex.

The idea of sex-over-the-internet isn’t new (I’m looking at you, IRC), nor is it going to go out of fashion anytime soon. Couples in long-distance relationships enjoy it to keep the zing alive; strangers engage in some short-lived Skype lovin’ either to search for someone with a similar appetite, or to simply pass the time.

And then there are some folks over on the app Whisper who need to release some steam by sharing their deepest secrets about Skype sexing. Take a look at these samples.

Skype sex can mean a hot and heavy moment between strangers on opposite ends of the globe.

I just had Skype sex with someone I matched on tinder on my holiday 3 weeks ago. We live in different continents and we have never met.

… and to some people, it’s simply a form of country-hopping.

Just realized: I've had skype sex with a guy in Ireland, Scotland, and England. Now I just have Canada and Australia to check off my list.

If you’re not big on physical intimacy, Skype sex is a good option.

The best part about Skype sex is that you don't have to cuddle afterwards

Just like regular sex, Skype sex does have its own setbacks, too.

I had skype sex and it was the most frustrating experience. Poor connection, frozen screen... what a dumb waste.

… specially when the desires outlast the power.

Long distance skype sex is the worst. His battery died but my libido didn't...

You can have Skype sex on the sly…

I once had Skype sex with a guy while my roommate was on the bunk below me. She doesn't know to this day.

… and if you’re pretty new at it, it can come with its own mishaps.

My ex-boyfriend and I were having skype sex and his dad caught us.. The most awkward thing ever.

You can have the strangest threesomes…

I once had skype sex with 2 guys back to back. Not my proudest moment. One was my ex, the other was a stranger.

And even affairs that mend marriages.

I have weekly 'Skype sex' with a stunning married woman. She says it actually saved her marriage.

And then couples ho do Skype sex find new challenges in the relationship…

I had skype sex with my soldier boyfriend last night. I'm so scared his opinion of me will change now.

When I have skype sex with my boyfriend every two minutes he asks if I'm close. I wish I knew why. It makes it harder for me to finish a lot of the time

And if you’re lucky, your Skype sex just makes it hotter and more satisfying.

I had Skype sex with my long distance boyfriend for the first time last night and I'm happy that he didn't make it awkward afterwards

Skype sex is only good for so long, it just makes me crave him more than ever.

Casual sex (online or otherwise) just might actually be good for you. Other studies may have pointed out that random hookups can lead to low self-esteem and depression, a recent study has debunked this. In fact, aside from the physical benefits of sex — better heart health, a stronger immune system, better stress management — with the right attitude, casual sex can lead to a general better well-being.

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