The Rock Saves Puppies; Is Too Cute For Labor Day

The Rock. Two Puppies in each hand. Wet shirt. Gorgeous smile. That’s it, everyone go home, no contest as to who is the winner of Labor Day.

The puppies, of course!

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson knows an essential ingredient to a happy, memorable Labor Day weekend is spending in in the gleeful company of puppies, and so he did. He adopted two adorable French Bulldog puppies — henceforth, these cuties shall be known to the public as Brutus and Hobbes, because that’s what Dwayne names them, that’s why.

Picture Dwayne Johnson rolling around on the floor, frolicking with his puppies. See Dwayne play-surrendering to energetic, sloppy kisses, pudgy bodies jumping on his rock-hard abs, snuggling and whimpering in glee against his neck. See Dwayne Johnson belly laugh. The earth spins, the sun is in its corner of heaven, and all is right with the world. You’re welcome.

So, how does it happen that we get from Point A — the scene above — to Point B — the photo below?


Here’s a first-hand account straight from the man himself:

tumblr_inline_nubyvkDsdk1qk8tvh_540The Rock dives. The Rock saves. Puppies and alive and well. Everyone wins.

Some naysayers may scoff, “Oh, Dwayne, don’t be silly; dogs can swim, of course!” I’m going to have to stop you right there and say NO. (and nope, the nick name “frog dogs” isn’t because they can swim like frogs.). Most French Bulldogs don’t have the instinct to dog paddle and keep their heads above water they same way their Labrador canine kin can. For starters, their short legs make can’t provide enough power to keep them aloft, and their compact weight will make them sink like a stone to the bottom of any body of water. so all ye proud owners of French bulldogs, whether you decide to suit them up with a life vest “because they look so cute in it”, or go all gnarly and have them totter to balance on a floating board, please have a heart and take extra caution with your bundle of furry joy.

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