5 Vicious Trolls Who’ve Commented On Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Dance Video

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Trolls

In an attempt to embarrass Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a video of her dancing back in college was recently leaked. Far from the dancing videos most of us took in college, this one appears to be a project she did with classmates that shows off Boston University’s campus while they all bust a move. Inspired by the class ’80s movie “The Breakfast Club,” the video’s release was hardly the scandal it was intended to be. If anything, it increased her popularity.

Ocasio-Cortez’s response was to shut down the haters with another dance video. In this one, she dances to “War” outside of her office, and it’s likely not a coincidence that the short video captured the song’s chorus: “War, huh, good god.  What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!”


Unfortunately, with all good things in life also comes the bad, and this case is no different. With her increase in popularity comes an increase haters. These are the most vicious trolls who commented on Ocasio-Cortez’s latest dance video.

1. Troll Pushes Economy Books


Ocasio-Cortez takes all of ten seconds out of her day to respond to the media’s reports on her leaked college dancing video and the trolls immediately came crawling out of their caves. This particular troll feels like those ten seconds would have been better spent reading books on how the economy works. Little did they know, Ocasio-Cortez graduated from Boston University cum laude with a degree in international relations and economics. She probably has a ton of books laying around that have to do with the economy, but likely she has already read them.

2. Troll Thinks The Sky Is The Limit


Everything about this troll’s tweet is just wrong. Not only is this not funny but it’s just completely unnecessary. Clearly, the sky is not the limit for this guy. It’s more like the ceiling is the limit. The ceiling of a dog house.

3. Troll Wants All Dancing, No Voting

Why can’t we pass a law that allows Democrats to dance but not vote? Because that would be called a dictatorship darling!

4. Troll Reveals Perverted Side

There will always be men around who can’t see women as anything but sexual objects. This guy seems to be one of them. If you can’t comprehend his butchered English, he’s asking a congresswoman to take off her clothes so he can throw singles at her. Even if you don’t agree with her political views, she is still a professional government employee. Have some respect.

5. Troll Thinks Alexandria Belongs On The Prom Committee

Let’s get one thing straight. Ocasio-Cortez is registered as a Democratic Socialist, which is different from socialism. The political party is widely misunderstood and gained a lot of negative attention during the Cold War. Ocasio-Cortez isn’t calling for socialism like this troll states in their tweet. She feels that Americans have the right to healthcare, housing, and a job, all that can be found on her website. As one of the newest members of Congress, Ocasio-Cortez is right where she’s supposed to be. The only “sad joke” are these trolls who spend too much time on Twitter and not enough time educating themselves on the issues.

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