YouTube’s Robot Builder Girl, Simone Giertz Is Back From Her Brain Tumor Surgery

Photo by YouTube/Simone Giertz

I’m sure a lot of people missed everyone’s favorite female robot builder in YouTube, Simone Giertz. Well, the thing is she also missed YouTube! This was after needing to take a break from building robots due to her brain tumor. It can be recalled that Simone had to take a considerably long hiatus from her channel.

Well, now she is back and thankfully, her brain tumor is not. Simone recently just underwent a successful brain surgery to have her tumor removed. Thank goodness she is alright because a brain like that is rare indeed and is one of the brightest not just in YouTube. Check out Simone’s video about her return below, she also discussed some things about her brain surgery, something to be mindful of.

She certainly is one brave woman, the mere mention of brain surgery is probably enough to give people shivers down their spine, and she just went through that. Also, Simone does not seem to be too conscious about her scar and what she looks like with it. She even showed the world how huge it is, that takes courage.

Simone was gone from YouTube for about two months after suffering from meningioma. Mostly benign tumors that form on membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord just inside the skull.

Photo by Wikipedia/Tdvorak

As for the surgery, well, it cost Simone a whopping $230,000, though she had insurance. Thankfully, Simone can now resume what she loves doing the most, which is inventing robots! Don’t worry guys, Simone is fine now and her brain activity is intact, thankfully, otherwise some surgeons might have a lot to answer for.

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