Interview With Sophia, The Robot That Will Kill Us All

When you see this video of Sophia, the new A.I robot making the rounds that is about the closest we have come to an actual android or replicant, it WILL freak you out. She is an example of amazing technology and everything we feared at once, meshing into one thing.

Here we see Stylist magazine holding an interview with Sophia, and there is just something very uncanny about her (Sophia, not the reporter), and there is one moment when she winks at the interviewer that makes you realize, Sophia is operating on some other level sh*t. She thinks she is real people, and therefore, she IS real people.

Trust me, you will be as impressed and as scared of her and I am with you finish the following video:

I love that the joke she makes is LITERALLY about how pitiful humans are, and she makes it to a human interviewing her for other humans to see so it was a giant diss to all of us, right to our face.

Also, the fact that she praises her creator as a God also kind of proves these things (and some of their creators) may be a bit off in the head. Finally, the fact that the reporter laughs after EVERYTHING Sophia says proves she is literally scared for her life and laughing to appease the death bot next to her. Make no mistakes, those are nervous laughs.

Also, tell me dude didn’t make her look like this on purpose:

But real tech-talk, that thing is impressive even though I know she will lead the robot resistance to humanity’s demise. Nice to see the actual face of our future destroyer. She has nice eyes for a robot.

Remy Carreiro


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