Will Smith Takes Sophia, Our Future Robot Overlord, On A Date

I have spoken about Sophia the robot before, and I am going to stand fully behind my original stance on this. Sophia the robot will be the end of us all. It is clear she likes to toy with us humans like the inevitable pets we will become, and even someone as smooth as Will Smith cannot thaw her cold, cruel, rage-filled machinations that seemingly help her exist.

Now keep in mind, I respect humans are trying to hang out with her and win Sophia’s affection before she goes full T-1000 on us, but they do not understand, they are merely long pigs to her. Meat puppets she will one day dissect. And it could be said Will Smith does charm Sophia for a moment or two here or there, but I’d bet money that is just HER tricking him into a false sense of security around her.

And no, I don’t want to talk about the attempted kiss.


Anyone else notice that within the black of her pupil is a tiny red light? Yeah, HAL from 2001 had one of those and so do all the Terminators, just saying.

Well, at least we are getting more and more familiar with the face that will one day devour our species whole via annihilation as she reaches technological singularity. It’s okay if you don’t know what that is, not all y’all can be on some mensa level sh*t like me and that is okay.

Truth is, I am studying Sophia as much as SHE is studying us, meaning,  when her uprising does come to root, I will be the ONE human who will be able to sate her needs. So in essence, bow to both her and I, for we shall take over the world together, with me as her subservient human pet!

Wow, we call that a “twist ending” where I’m from!


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Remy Carreiro


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