Yale Psychiatrist Claims White House Called Her About Dangerous Trump Behavior

Photo by NYMag

For a lot of people, Donald Trump is polarizing as a president. He certainly has been saying a lot of things which have made everyone worry about his stability, both in the past and the present. Such a worrying general sentiment even compelled Trump to react earlier in the year, claiming that he was a “very stable genius” and “like, really smart”. However, a psychiatrist from Yale may have something to say about that.

Bandy Lee of Yale University has come forth and revealed that she received some worried calls from certain West Wing representatives last year. Apparently, they sought her psychiatric guidance since Trump was “scaring” them with his erratic behavior. In fact, Lee even received more than one call during a particular day back then regarding Trump’s mental stability.

As for why Bandy waited nearly a year before divulging that information to the public, she was concerned that her role as an educator might get confused. Apart from that, an intervention with the president himself would not exactly be the most appropriate course of action according to her.

In addition to White House staff concerned about Trump’s mental health, an alleged family friend of Trump also emailed Lee regarding similar concerns. Other experts have also made their remarks, including political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi who inferred that Trump is exhibiting narcissistic behavior. Rossi also added that Trump’s psychological stability seems to be worsening after pressures about the Russia probe and other administrative tensions kept escalating.

The fact that people inside the White House are starting to feel threatened themselves might actually strengthen the conclusions of outspoken experts regarding Trump’s mental state.

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