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Getting organized is the hardest part of any project — especially when you’re working with something as complicated as your social profile. Mind mapping is a way to organize your thoughts and ideas that can help you keep things in line while still branching out to expand your project. Xmind is one software that can help you create great mind maps that will speed your projects along and expand your brainstorming, sharing, and general work capabilities.

What is Mind Mapping Software?

If you aren’t aware of the concept of mind mapping, you aren’t alone. It’s all about putting your ideas down in a visually appealing way that can help you keep track of complicated concepts, form new ideas, and share them with others. Instead of using only words, mind mapping software lets you use images and other visual data to brainstorm, save, and come up with new ideas that connect others together.

Software like XMind is designed to let you do this at your computer with ease. You can start with a central topic and then create branches from that topic which hold new or related topics. It lets you see how everything is connected.


One important feature in any mind mapping software is what images are available. For example, XMind has more than 60,000 icons to use when creating your mind map. This wide variety means that if you’re planning a social media marketing campaign or a better way to organize Facebook friends for a reunion, you’ll have the kinds of images you need to create a map of your ideas.

Another important feature is what kind of tools your mind mapping software offers to help organize and showcase ideas. For example, markers, labels, notes, comments, callouts, information cards, and summaries are available in XMind. That software also has lines that demonstrate the relationship between ideas as well as the boundary option that creates a closed area over topics to help them stand out.

Many mind mapping tools also offer templates that help you create maps for different situations. XMind mentions that they make both professional and almost playful maps so that you can choose the approach you want.

You should also consider how content you create in a mind map can be backed up and shared. Not all projects are solo endeavors. Mind mapping software can be used across an entire organization to help each member of a team create and organize ideas as a group. Xmind offers sharing and saving options like exporting to a number of services, local network sharing, and collaborating directly from Evernote.


Most mind mapping software has different modes that are suited to using the program in different ways. In Xmind, you can use both brainstorming mode to get your ideas on the virtual whiteboard or presentation mode to share your ideas with others. XMind has two presentation modes: walk through and slide-based mode.

Brainstorming mode lets you group ideas and then use those ideas to find connections to help generate new ideas and approaches. It’s designed to be a workspace for an individual or a team who wants to improve their project workflow. As you work, you can organize and reorganize your thoughts to suit new ideas or different ways of looking at the problems you’re solving.

The Walk Through presentation mode offered by Xmind lets you showcase each of your ideas by darkening the background of the project as you explain each part. The Slide-based presentation mode lets you instead create slides from each idea. This lets you showcase each one individually when explaining your concepts to a group.


So how do you use mind mapping software like XMind to manage your social media projects? There are plenty of ways that creative notetaking, presentations, and brainstorming can come in handy.

One way to consider using something like XMind is to consider a situation in which you need to walk a group through an idea you have. This is especially handy when you’re doing something like coming up with a social media marketing campaign; you might want to get your ideas across in a way that a dry memo can’t. Attractive, fun mind mapping presentations are also a good way to get and keep the attention of your audience.

Another way to use something like XMind is as a platform for brainstorming. When you have a variety of media options to display your ideas and thoughts, it’s easier to plan out what you’re thinking. You can create a visual display of your plans and ideas that will operate as a roadmap that gets you where you want to go with your social media campaigns.

You can also use it to share ideas between team members. Consider a campaign to increase your company’s social media followers. One person can create a mind map and then share it with another participant. The fresh way of looking at new ideas and suggestions can help spark better input from each person who works on it. The mind map can be expanded, rearranged, or redesigned as each person sees fit.

When sharing ideas, something like XMind can be amended with notes. This can help you give feedback on what people who share their ideas with you are doing. It’s a quick and easy way to share your own thoughts.

If you haven’t considered using mind mapping software to help you with your social media projects, you’re missing out. Programs like XMind let you create mind maps that showcase your ideas, spark new innovations, and improve your overall workflow. When you’re looking for a new way to approach creating, sharing, and collaborating on projects, consider mind mapping. The creative way it approaches idea generation might have a positive effect on your projects.



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