Weed the People: Medical Marijuana Bill Passes Unanimously in VA Vote

The medical marijuana debate has raged for decades now. Does it hve health benefits or do people just abuse it for fun? Thanks to people like Sanjay Gupta we can now confirm 100% that it has health benefits, and if Virginia’s reaction to the bill is any indication (40 yes’, zero no’s), medical marijuana was just widely approved for statewide use in a way that is generally unheard of:

A unanimous agreement between everyone.

40 to 0 in favor of a bill that allows people with certain physical ailments (PTSD, depression, insomnia, etc) to now address that which ails them in a much healthier way then eating handfuls of hundred dollar pills a day prescribed by the FDA.

From TheNewsLeader:

“All Virginians deserve access to safe, regulated medical cannabis,” said (Jenn Michelle, the executive director at Virginia’s NORML chapter) Pedini. “These bills will ensure that Virginians have the ability to stay here at home with their families, with their support networks and not be forced to move to another state in the middle of a healthcare crisis to seek medical cannabis therapies.”

So huzzah to all of you who suffer but do not need to, and who just came one step closer to fixing that very thing in a healthy, organic, and slowly more acceptable manner.

Welcome to 2018, it’s a strange trip, literally. Buckle in!



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