WWE Diva, AJ Retires Expectedly, Fans Speculate

[Photo credit: WWE]

It was a shock to WWE fans everywhere. On Friday, the WWE announced that Diva champion wrestler, AJ Lee had decided to retire from in-ring competition.

The sudden announcement was odd because of AJ’s popularity and huge fan base. The 28-year-old wrestler is also still considered pretty young to retire. Most divas decided to stop competition in their early 30’s. Fans were astonished to hear of her departure, just last weekend AJ competed in Wrestlemania and defeated the popular Bella twins in a tag team match with fellow wrestler, Paige. In fact, AJ seemed happy with her career path.

AJ, whose real name is April Mendez, has not commented on her reasons for leaving WWE, but many are speculating. AJ is no stranger to controversy. Her husband, former WWE wrestler CM Punk who retired in January 2014, left the company suddenly due to many disagreements with the direction the WWE was headed. The split was not amicable and the bitterness has continued to this day. In fact, upon the release of the news, CM Punk tweeted his support of his wife’s decision.

While AJ could of been persuaded by her husband to leave the company, some fans are pointing out that AJ had her own disagreements with WWE management. Back in Feburary, AJ called out WWE exec, Stephanie McMahon via Twitter about the the unfair pay of female wrestlers.

Fans are expressing their disappointment about AJ’s early exit, with many blaming WWE.


The retirement means a huge loss to the entertainment wrestling world. AJ was a top performer with many accolades during her 8 year career.

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