Buffalo On The Loose Evades Police [Video]

[Photo credit: Round Rock Police Facebook]

It was a crazy day for Round Rock, Texas police officers, as they chased a elusive perp. A loose buffalo gave chase through a residential neighborhood and even a strip mall.

Police and animal control were called to capture the animal, who escaped from his home on Friday morning.

Local news station, KVUE reported on the strange situation.

“According to RRPD spokesperson Angelique Myers, police and animal control officers responded to the loose livestock call around 7:37 a.m. Friday at the corner of East Palm Valley and Red Bud Lane. The North American buffalo, commonly known as a bison, jumped a hot wire and a barbed wire fence to escape from a property near County Road 123, Myers said.”

“‘It was unusual but we’ve seen it before, we’re in Texas,’, said Kari Harris, who’s lived in the neighborhood for about 6 years. Last August she got video and pictures of longhorns leisurely strolling across her front lawn.”

While loose livestock is a common call for Texas authorities, a loose buffalo is an entirely different story. After a hectic chase, “Big Boy” the buffalo was reunited with is owner. It seems the 5-year-old buffalo has a pretty frisky attitude, according to owner, Joe Don Kotrla-Chipps. In fact, this is the sixth time the animal has escaped by jumping over a tall fence and that has Joe worried.

“It’s been plenty adequate for 25 years for all my other buffalo, but this one is a jumper,” he said.

Joe is afraid that officers will lose their patience for dealing with the animal, so the native Lakota Indian has a plan for Big Boy.

“We’re gonna tranquilize him, load him in the trailer and haul him out of town to a place in Spicewood,” said Kotrla-Chipps.

Joe says Big Boy will have plenty of room to roam at his new home, which he should arrive at by next week.

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