Woman Quits 9-5 Gig To ‘Chase Summer’ Around Europe In Hi-Tech Van


One world-weary woman rolled the dice when she handed in her resignation notice at work and sold her possessions to live ‘the van life.’

via Newsypeople; Margaret Miller and Ladi Jecminek

When you’ve had a dreary week at work, it’s easy to state you’re going to up n’ quit, hop on a one-way flight somewhere/anywhere and start anew. Then, you figure doing so would be an even bigger headache and thereby recommence the plodding of everyday life. Though, nosediving into uncertainty is exactly what one fed up office worker did.

26-year-old Margaret Miller, was tired of financial consulting and ‘typical desk jobs,’ therefore she made the brash decision to leave her gig so she could live her fantasy of ‘chasing summer’ across Europe, funded by working online as she journeys.

Accompanied by her mate Ladi Jecminek, 32, the pair transformed a 2007 Citroen Jumper purchased for $4k into a spacecraft-like tech nirvana – or ‘ergonomic living capsule’.

via Twitter
via Twitter

The couple fitted the van’s inside with a double bed, shower, ‘garage,’ a huge flat-screen projector and a kitchen. It too possesses appliances, phone chargers, extra battery power for their laptops, solar panels and USB ports ‘everywhere.’

via Twitter

“This is the dream,” said Miller. “Sometimes it’s weird to tell people you dream of living in a car, but we feel so free and can spend our time with each other, exploring endlessly – not sitting in a desk chair.

“I’d already graduated from university and done the nine-to-five corporate job but I found I was always waiting for Friday and saving for the next trip. It took me a while to figure out that’s not how I’m happy.

“We’ve lived in the van for three months now. It took us about 10 weeks to construct it completely. So far we’ve spent six weeks in Croatia and we were in the Czech Republic for a month before that and now we’re in Montenegro, effectively chasing summer. We’ll probably head to Greece in March, then we’ll probably start looping up from there.”


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