Thanks To This Pillow, You Can Cuddle Without Your Arm Falling Asleep


At last, there is a crafty solution to a recurring issue that has troubled cuddling couple’s around the globe: the Coodle Pillow.

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We’ve all had those wrenching or sometimes awkward moments where our legs or arms have fell asleep due to our positioning. Whether seated with our legs crossed, or relaxing with one arm under a pillow, how we are nestled has a significant impact on which regions are receiving blood flow.

The typical cuddle position is dubbed ‘spooning,’ with the littler person snuggled in against the bigger person and ordinarily ends with their head on top of the larger individual’s outstretched arm. Thing is, heads are hefty and ultimately blood flow will cut off to the arm.

That’s a tad unpleasant. Thereby – the Coodle Pillow was spawned.

The pillow is steadfast, yet soft, permitting space for the larger person’s arm. Blood touches the limbs unfettered, however the person being spooned is enabled a comfortable spot to lay their head. Ingenuity!

This conception isn’t just aimed at couples either. If you sleep on your side, you probably have put your own arm to sleep many times. Well, those days/night are over.

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“Prop your head up with a Coodle while watching TV or using your electronic device. Take it camping or on your next road trip,” it states on the company’s website. The pillow is crafted out of high-quality US-made foam and the remainder of the components are too American made. The retail price is $65.


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