Has the Mystery of an Egyptian Pharoah’s Missing Body Finally Been Solved?

Has the Mystery of an Egyptian Pharoah's Missing Body Finally Been Solved?

A longstanding mystery regarding the disappearance of an Egyptian Pharoah’s body may have finally been solved, thanks to the History Channel.

Experts featured in the network’s Ancient Aliens documentary series (bear with us) believe that the mummified remains of Pharoah Akhenaten were purposefully moved or destroyed as part of an ancient cover up.

During his lifetime, the Pharoah is said to have held many controversial beliefs, one in particular officials hoped would die along with him.

Has the Mystery of an Egyptian Pharoah's Missing Body Finally Been Solved?

The documentary, helmed by Swiss TV presenter Giorgio A Tsoukalos (a man convinced that aliens visited our ancestors), references Italian archaeologist Alessandro Barsanti’s excursion to Armana, Egypt, in 1891.

The architect and Egyptologist worked for the Egyptian Antiquities Service, and was in search of Akhenaten’s tomb. But after discovering the Pharoah’s resting place, it quickly became apparent that Akhenaten’s body was not there.

In fact, Barsanti could see no evidence that it ever had been.

The shock discovery raised the question, was the Pharoah’s body moved, or was he never buried there to begin with?

Akhenaten ruled over Egypt for 17 years between 1,353BC and 1,370BC, when he passed away. However, his reign was a controversial one.

Has the Mystery of an Egyptian Pharoah's Missing Body Finally Been Solved?

The king hoped to alter his subjects’ belief system, moving them from worshipping many different gods to just the one, the Sun God, Ra.

In the episode, the narrator asks the audience to consider: “Imagine if the mummy of Akhenaten has never been found because it was deliberately hidden or destroyed, to keep us discovering its alien origins.”

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