Woman Hid And Lived With Dead Mother’s Body; Her Reason Will Haunt You

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Oh boy, it’s not even October yet and there are already dozens of haunting real-life stories around. These are not your typical serial killer stories either and they could even make for good horror cinema. This time around, something wicked and horrific happened in North Carolina where one woman just literally could not let go of her mother, even though she’s already dead. Yep, she hid and kept the corpse of her dead mother.

69-year-old Donna Sue Hudgins recently went to a funeral home to arrange the funeral of a deceased 93-year-old Nellie Mae Hudgins, her mother. However, the funeral home called the police after failing to locate the dead body, Donna also said to the funeral service that she did not know where the EMA took her mother’s body. This prompted the police to go to Nellie and Donna’s house for some questions and also to do a welfare check.

There, they came upon the badly decomposing body of Nellie. It turns out, Donna lied to keep her dead mother in the house with her. Investigations even revealed that Donna had kept her mother’s passing a secret for several months before notifying the rest of the family. Her reason for doing that? Well, Donna was curious and wanted to see the stages of death, specifically how a dead body decomposes.

The other members of the Hudgins family also claimed that Donna hid her mother’s body from them, often making up excuses like Nellie is “asleep” to discourage visitors. As such, Donna was charged with felony concealment of death. She was also arrested and was issued a $5000 bond with a court schedule of November 7.

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