‘I Share Dead People’ Women Gets Arrested For Spreading Corpse Photos On WhatsApp

Caretaker Germany Whatsapp

A caretaker in Germany has been arrested for “disparaging the memory of the dead” which seems like a strange crime in the days of TuPac hologram concerts but is still apparently on the books.

The woman, who wasn’t named in the local German media report, apparently took “many” photos of the dead while sharing them in a Whatsapp group chat with two other colleagues. Oftentimes, the photos would be accompanied with sarcastic comments, the one quoted in the story is “too much morphine” proving once again that German people have no sense of humor.

The caretaker faces up to two years in prison if convicted.

When an acquaintance of one of the workers found out about the Dead people Meme ring, she informed the caretaker’s employers, who then passed that information on to the police. In addition to the criminal charges, the woman is also facing legal action from her employer. While it certainly is understandable that they would want to seek compensation for what undoubtedly damaged their reputation, their reasoning sounds is a bit curious.

The employer has taken the woman who took and shared the photos to labor court because she resigned without providing proper notice. Which means that she got caught sharing images of dead people on Whatsapp, tried to quit, and her employer still said “But you’re still covering your shifts for this week? Ja?”

Germany is weird.

[Photo Credit: a.drian]

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