What’s The Deal With YouTube Red?

What's really the deal with YouTube Red? Should you make the switch.

what's the deal with youtube red

Even though YouTube Red came out almost a year ago now, we really haven’t heard that much about the new site/platform. That’s probably because most YouTube viewers haven’t switched over and haven’t even thought about switching over. Strangely enough, it really doesn’t feel that YouTube Red has been advertised very much. So we’re trying to give you the 411 on the semi-new YouTube now that it’s starting to get rolling. At $10 a month I would be paying less for YouTube Red than I would for Spotify, Hulu or HBOGo, but I still can’t really justify the switch.

1.) The Site is ad-free so if you hate, like abhor YouTube ads then maybe you’re going to want to make the switch. Though I don’t know anybody that hates ads that much.

2.) YouTube Red will have shows by the YouTubers you might already be watching. For example, users PewDiePie and Lilly Singh will get their own shows. So if you’re huge fans of them then you might want to sign up. This might be a decent idea, though there are also plenty of YouTubers like Jimmy Tatro that have parlayed their YouTube celebrity status into movie roles.

3.) It kills the little man. There are a bunch of bloggers who are smarter than I am that have consistently expressed their distress that YouTube Red will only hurt the content creators that aren’t paying for the service already. A few people are also upset because we’ve always thought of YouTube as a user-created platform so what are we going to do now that the suits have control of the company?

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