This Father-Daughter Dance Puts all Other Father-Daughter Dances to Shame

It’s the happiest day of this bride’s life, so why ruin it with one of those dull, sentimental father-daughter dances?

blue-capital-letter-every girl dreams of this day. Every boy, too. Some fathers secretly hope it’ll never come. Others, like the father of the bride in this viral video, celebrate their daughter’s love with style. No schmaltzy slow dance, no songs with mind-numbingly sentimental lyrics, just pure, unadulterated dad dancing. And the duo aren’t too bad, either. Plenty of impressive moves and lots of coordination (big props for the break dancing and attempting that split in the end). You can check it out below:

Impressive stuff. And sweet, without making anyone gag. Always a plus for us wedding guests who really do care about being there for that special day, but would mostly just like to eat some fingerfoods and cake—and chat up all those cute single people with lines like “Weddings, am I right?”

And speaking of “throwing” a good wedding, these two aren’t the only ones to get creative with the traditional ceremonies. Take, for example, how these two gentlemen spiced up a wedding with a little swordplay. Watch below:

You have to wonder how the bride felt about all this. The bride in our next clip certainly wasn’t too happy about her special day being interrupted in a genuinely unexpected way:

Without disparaging anyone’s beliefs, might I just observe: that singing was creepy. It was really, really creepy. It’s the kind of eerie, operatic music that plays when bad things happen in movies (usually in slow motion, but not a requirement).  Had I been there, I would have welcomed the appearance of the shirtless schizophrenic man, if only to temporarily stave off that ungodly sound coming from the stage.


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