Bride-To-Be Gets Back At Abusive Parents With Sarcastic Wedding Invite

pearce wedding invite

Alyssa Pearce, a 23-year-old bride-to-be, posted a personally written wedding invite to her parents online and it has recently gone viral.

Pearce posted this message on her Reddit profile, SkitzoCat, with a picture of the invitation.

“So my narcissistic parents abused me for 16 years before I ran away from home. Now they’re trying to bully their way (via family, they haven’t bothered to speak to me personally) into getting an invitation to my wedding. There was really only one way to respond.”

Pearce reddit

She spoke to Buzzed and mentioned how she “suffered physical, emotional, and sexual abuse at the hands of two people who were supposed to love and cherish me.” Pearce said it wasn’t until she was being bullied into sending her parents a wedding invite from another family member that she had enough.

“So I went home and wrote my parents the de-invitation. I opened up a word document, found the nicest calligraphy font I could, loaded up the printer with some of the lovely parchment paper left over from the other invitations, and wrote it. I then found a nice matching envelope, addressed it with a fancy gold pen, and posted it. I mean, if you’re going to send someone a memorable ‘stuff you,’ you’ve really got to put in some effort. You may as well go all-out.”

Good for you, Alyssa!


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