Instagram Hijacks Profile And Gives It To Soccer Star, Andres Iniesta

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Barcelona superstar, Andres Iniesta was in the center of an Instagram controversy, after it appeared he had taken over an account with his namesake without permission.

The ‘normal’ Andres Iniesta uses the Instagram profile, @ainiesta and describes himself as “a father who likes to take pictures of his kids, yummy food and interesting buildings in Madrid.” Definitely not the description of a soccer hotshot.

About four days ago, Mr. Iniesta went to log into his profile and was met with a message that he could not access his account because of ‘infringement issues.’

[Credit: Iniesta's personal blog]
[Credit: Iniesta’s personal blog]

After familiarizing himself with Instagram’s terms of service and realizing he had done nothing wrong, he began trying to contact the social media company. After trying several different means of contact, he was met with no response. That’s when friends alerted him that they were seeing the soccer star’s photos under his name. Could his account of been hijacked?

The normal ‘Iniesta’ chronicled the debacle on his personal blog.

About five hours after his blog post, his account was restored with no apology or mention from Instagram. His friends were once again graced with pictures of his delicious food and adorable kids. Eventually, the soccer star’s representative’s contacted him and explained they had nothing to do with the snafu.

So, we have to wonder what happened? Iniesta believes the millionaire soccer star had nothing to do with it. He is kinda busy being a millionaire soccer star, ya know? But, he does believe that Instgram played a big role in problem.

What do you think? Do you think Instagram owes Mr. Iniesta an apology?

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