Want To Speak Foreign Language Better? Drink More Alcohol, Research Suggests

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There is no doubt that most alcoholic drinks were never meant to be healthy. In fact, only a few of them actually are healthy and even those come with certain drawbacks. However, dangerous to your health as they may be, alcohol somehow kind of makes up for it with something else. A new research has actually suggested that alcohol can improve your foreign language skills.


Widespread use of the internet has certainly opened us all up for interactions with other cultures and ethnicities. Hence, foreign language proficiency is a much-needed and desirable skill to have. After all, communication is the thread which links us all.


So how do you improve your foreign language communication skills? Researchers from Department of Clinical Psychological Science, Maastricht University, the Netherlands suggest alcohol. Their study test involved 50 German people who recently learned to speak Dutch. Half the participants were given alcohol based on weight and the other half water before talking with a Dutch interviewer.


Each of them conversed for about two minutes casually with the said interviewer who also was not aware that half of the 50 Germans took alcohol. The results? People who drank alcohol scored better when it came to fluency and pronunciation. Meanwhile, the participants were also asked to score themselves and their self-scores were pretty even among all of them, alcohol or not.


Ultimately, the research has shown that alcohol can improve your communication skills… but surely, anyone who has taken alcohol probably knows that already. It is surprising to know, however, that this benefit of alcohol happens regardless of the language you are speaking. Great, now you know how to effectively use Tinder on foreign matches.

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