Elephant Hurt in Vietnam War, Found Alone Wandering In New York


A 44-year-old Vietnam vet elephant is back home safe and sound after she fled from an animal sanctuary in Orange County.

via Gifer; Elephant giving it’s best Luda impression, “move b***h, get out da’ way”

Troopers located the animal Sunday night meandering around in Westtown, New York, near the NJ border, said New York State Police.

The elephant is from Vietnam and was burned badly by napalm, a chemical integrated in bombs, during the infamous war, a post on Facebook confirmed.

“Never a dull moment in Troop F,” the post by the NYSPD said.


Evidently, a worker forgot to switch on an electric fence that keeps the elephant in her designated space at night.

Fortuitously, troopers and her owners found her nearby and accompanied her back home.

The sanctuary too runs Dawn Animal Agency, which furnishes animals for commercials, movies and talk shows.

via Diply; Some humans, can’t even do this!

Elephants, are the biggest land mammals. In fact, African Bush Elephants are the largest animals on land in the world. Males can grow to be 13 feet tall at the shoulders, measure up to 30 feet from tail to trunk, and weigh up to 14,000 lbs!

Possibly, that explains why elephants are the ONLY mammals on the planet that cannot jump! The animal has an appetite that certainly fits its massive size, too. An adult can eat 136 kg (300 pounds) of food in a single day.

As well, majority of contemporary ethologists viewpoint the elephant as one of Earth’s most intelligent animals. Their brains are analogous to humans’ in terms of areas and general connectivity. The elephant cortex has as numerous neurons as a human brain, implying convergent evolution.


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