WWIII Goes Digital – The Battle of the SERPS

For years now, politicians and political analysts have been predicting that we are just a heartbeat away from WWIII. With so many countries literally at ‘war’ with each other with sanction after sanction, you’d expect the war to be nuclear – and in a way it is.

Actually, with the Internet dominating everything from the way in which we conduct our personal relationships to the way in which we run our businesses, it stands to reason that the real winners are those businesses who can dominate the Search Engine Results Pages.

In a global economy, this is huge. If you have any hope of beating out the competition within own your market, it’s time to engage in a little guerrilla warfare. How appropriate it is that one amazingly innovative SEO agency, The Guerrilla Agency, gives us tips on how to dominate a global audience.

What’s All the Fuss About SEO?

Today’s consumer is savvier than ever before when it comes to reading through all the hype. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, for example, they know that those companies ranking highly on the first page of Google have spent a small fortune on building a website that ranks for the search terms they just entered.

They also know that those top few results are probably paid ads and so many people avoid clicking through to them. Yes, there is still a huge percentage who will click on those first few results, but many consumers know they are paid ads so they simply bypass them to get onto the real battleground, those organic search results.

A New Focus on SEO

Did you know that Google looks first and foremost at the search terms on your website before looking at all those backlinks and PPC ads you’ve paid for? If you want to win the battle of SEO, it’s important to start with your website. Although some of your pages may have been up for years and did well in the beginning, it doesn’t mean that those same keywords that helped them rank highly before will keep them ranking highly today.

It’s time to send in the SEO troops to do a complete overhaul of your website. Your old warriors are getting worn out and it’s time to get some new life on the front lines. It’s time for a facelift, as it were, a new focus on SEO for today’s market.

The Lines Have Been Drawn

So, the lines have been drawn. You are fighting a global war for a place at the front, even if you don’t want to attract a global audience. The point is that you want to win the war within your industry and in your select market, whether it be local or global.

When someone searches for what you are selling, it’s those keywords that matter and that’s going to be the ammo you use to arm your weapons. If you want to rank highly today and continue to fight the war on the front lines (top results in Google) you need to continually analyze those keywords so that search phrases become your new soldiers in an old army.

No One-Hit Wonders Here

SEO isn’t a one-hit wonder but is an evolving set of search terms that will necessarily change over time. If you want to win the battle of the SERPs, you’d do well to continually analyze and optimize your content. It’s hard to win a battle with a tired, worn our army and that’s what outdated SEO is like. Keep the troops coming and you can win that battle and every other one going forward. That’s the key right there.



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