#UnwantedFathersDayGifts: Get The Gifts Fathers Never Even Knew They Wanted

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Fathers Day is right around the corner. Do you know what you are get your dad? Don’t go for the run-of-the-mill tie. Get him something unique, something that special man has never even thought about.

Like the complete series of Murder She Wrote. Brilliant.

Have you caught the sarcasm yet? No, well let’s just say don’t buy your father any of the gifts you see while reading this. Seriously, no on is that big of a fan of Angela Lansbury.

#UnwantedFathersDayGifts became a trend on Twitter, where users joked about the gifts dad really didn’t want to receive. Something for every father.

Perfect for the father that doesn’t know he is a father… yet.

Then there were gifts that just make you shake your head.


Really, is this a thing?


I’m seeing a theme here…

Maybe your dad would like something sexy for his fathers day. Eww, did I just use sexy and dad in the same sentence.


All jokes aside, some users took this as a chance to make a difference.

Seriously, don’t buy your dad a dog. Well, unless he wants one. You know what, just do whatever you want. YOLO. Plus, a dad will love you no matter what, right. Hopefully.

What did you get that special guy in your life for fathers day? What would you never get him for fathers day? We want to know. Tweet us at @SocialNewsDaily!

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