#FalloutShelterPickUpLines: New Mobile Game, ‘Fallout Shelter’ Rules More Than The App Store

Fallout Shelter


Hold up, what is Fallout Shelter and why am I hearing about it everywhere? Introduced into the App store this week, Fallout Shelter is a free-to-play mobile game created by Bethesda Softworks. In the game, users create a virtual fallout shelter to protect their citizens from nuclear destruction. The user controls the dwellers, as well as helps the community prosper and thrive.

Doesn’t sound that entertaining? Tell that to the thousands of people who have already downloaded the game. In fact, the game has been so popular it has surpassed the epic Candy Crush in downloads. Thank goodness, I think we can all welcome a game that doesn’t involve colorful candies.

With a game like Fallout Shelter becoming so popular so quickly, it was inevitable that it would become a trend of social media. And it seems one aspect of the game is more popular than the rest: procreation. That’s right, one of the responsibilities of ruling a fallout shelter is making sure that your species lives on, apocalypse or not. To make things a little more fun, the software developer allowed for pickup lines to be used to help people find a mate. In fact, Bethesda is having a little fun with the quips and has asked for people to submit their very own.


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And Twitter is never one to disappoint. The one-liners started pouring in and it soon became a trend.


From cheesy to extremely adulterated, there is a pickup line for any personality.

Some were song lyrics. And, is it just me or does the girl look a little uninterested? Take the hint dude.

You know what they say, once you play cards… Oh, wait. That’s not a thing. This person is just really bad with the ladies.

There are plenty of people that aren’t too versed in the art of a pickup line.


Then there were some that didn’t understand how radiation worked. Umm, that’s not love. I think you are dying.

Of course, some just got right to the point. I mean, the world is surrounded by nuclear fallout. This isn’t the time for a long drawn out courtship.

And there is plenty more where those came from. Keep ’em coming. The best ones will actually be added to the game! We would love to hear yours. Make sure to tag us: @SocialNewsDaily.

Oh, and for all of those Android users who are feeling left out, Bethesda promises that there is a version for Android in the works. Yay!

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