Twitter’s Vine Is Now Apple’s Top Downloaded Free iOS App

Twitters Vine App

Twitter purchased Vine is October 2012 and launched the service on its platform in January 2013. Four months later and the program is now the top downloaded free app in the Apple App store.

Vine allows users to create GIF-like 6-second clips that can then be shared on desktop and mobile devices.

Twitter last month unveiled a new embed feature that allows users to embed “Simple” Vine information or Postcard embeds that include three size options: 320px, 480px, and 600px.

Vine has since been temporarily removed from Apple’s featured section after adult content surfaced, only to climb its way back to the top of the iOS app list.

News of Vine’s climb to the top was revealed by co-founder and Creative Director Rus Yusupov:

Twitters Vine App



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