Twitter Vine App Now Features Embeds, Better Facebook And Twitter Sharing

Twitter Vine App Now With Sharing

Twitter’s Vine app was updated on Friday to include a new embed feature reminiscent of Twitter’s own embeddable Tweets option. The company is now allowing mobile users to embed posts in two styles (simple and postcard). The embeds can be created directly from the mobile app or via the web address.

Users who update their iOS application via the iTunes App Store will gain immediate access to the new feature. The Google Android version of Vine has not been given access to the embeddable Vine’s program at this time.

Once the update is installed users can tap the “more button” from the bottom right part of the Vine post. The option to “Share Post” will then appear. Simply choose “Embed” and grab the code. The code includes a copy friendly link or the ability to send an email.

Vine offers several embedding features that include a “Simple view for the Vine video itself and “Postcard” which is branded for the Vine users channels. The Postcard feature includes the users name and date at the top of the post and a description of the Vine below.

The new Twitter Vine embed code offers three sizes: 320px, 480px, and 600px.

Twitter Embed

Also thrown into the mix is better social sharing for Facebook and Twitter. Both options are found under the “Share” screen on Vine posts. According to Vine GM Dom Hofmann:

“When we launched Vine, we described posts as ‘little windows into the people, settings, ideas and objects that make up your life. With today’s update, you can display them almost anywhere.”

Internet brands are quickly clamoring to use Vine as a new way to develop creative ad spots so we expected to see many new advances from Twitter’s Vine platform in the weeks and months to come.

You can download the updated Twitter Vine app here.

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