Twitter Philanthropists Remember Steve Jobs, Seek Funds For Radical Cancer Therapy

Remembering Steve Jobs

Twitter has gone all philanthropist over the remembrance of the death of Steve Jobs exactly one year ago Friday.

A fundraising group called iCancer has started a campaign to raise money in order to begin human trials of a revolutionary cancer therapy that currently exists on ice in a lab in Sweden. The treatment is actually a virus, but iCancer believes that if the therapy is tested and developed further, it could do much to prolong the lives of those suffering with a neuroendocrine tumor, the exact type that Steve Jobs suffered, and ultimately died, from.

The iCancer team wants to raise £2 million to begin testing, encouraging companies to invest in the therapy that is currently shelved because it isn’t considerd profitable.

The virus’ creator, Professor Magnus Essand, says that £2 million is the price-tag that needs paid in order to fully develop the treatment.

The iCancer team has since moved to crowdfunding platform Indiegogo (Kickstarter-esque, with fewer strings) and has raised $23,523 with 43 days left to donate.

Support the cause by following @iCancerVirus on Twitter or donating at Indiegogo here.

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